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Industrial Motors
Our range of Industrial Motors can be availed in different operating speed and mechanism based options. With having IP55 protection rating and F class insulation, this array of motors is used as integral part of various industrial equipments.

Bharat Bijlee Electric Motors
Baharat Bijlee Electric Motors are known for their F class insulation, cast iron made housing and IP55 protection rating. Design and mechanism of these electric systems differ as per their models.

Gear Box
Available in helical type and bevel type design options, this range of Gear Boxes has significant role in transferring of torque and power. With having maximum 5500 kw power range, these require 415V voltage to function.
Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breakers have key role in safeguarding electrical circuit against power overload, shock, fire hazards and short circuit. These have 30mA rated current, 50Hz frequency level and 240v AC voltage level.
Overload Relays
Overload Relays are electromechanical systems that are used for safeguarding motors against power overload and phase failure. Parameters of current of these relays can be modified as per application type.
LED Lights
Energy efficient LED Lights are reckoned for their mercury free bright lighting quality. Illumination of such lights is UV and IR radiation free. These lighting solutions have long working life.

Electric Motors
Provided three phase electric motors are reckoned for their flexible control parameters, 500 rpm speed and 50Hz frequency. These have F insulation class and IP55 protection rating. Offered motors are used as integral parts of lifts and material handling devices.
Electric Switches
ABS or any other standard quality plastic made Electric Switches are available in rectangular shape. These three pin type switches are white in color, 50Hz frequency and IP20 protection rating.
Electric Relay
Electric Relays are used for amplification of digital signal by switching between small and large operating power. Driven by AC power, these require up to 220v voltage. Offered relays are used for smooth running of material handling systems.
Motor Starter
Motor Starters are used to safeguard motors against over voltage condition. Sold under the name of renowned brands like Delta, Larsen & Toubro etc. these have 415v voltage and 50Hz frequency level.
Electric Starters
Offered Electric Starters are used as important parts of motors. Available under the brand name of L&T, these have 415v voltage level. These are regulated by thermostat or pressure switches or auxiliary circuit.
Electric Fuse
Electrical Fuses are safety systems that are used for inhibiting current flow into electrical circuits during power overload. Available in different specifications, these porcelain made products have 250v to 450v voltage range.